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Top 10 Best Essential Oils for Sore Throat (And How to Use Them)

During the winter season, the flu virus is at its peak. They can infect anyone, leading to severe symptoms of fatigue, stuffy nose, and sore throat. As a matter of fact, a sore throat can happen any time of the year but it’s very prevalent around the winter season. A sore throat is basically the pain and irritation that occurs when you swallow. It can be caused by both a viral or a bacterial infection, and they are usually contagious.

People often use cough medication or antibiotics to treat them; however, essential oils for sore throat and drainage can also work as well. In fact, essential oils contain a lot of important components that help soothe and relax the throat to reduce irritations, therefore speeding up the recovery time.

Best Essential Oils for Sore Throat

If you are interested in using these wonderful oils, and what essential oils is good for sore throat, here are they


Peppermint essential oil contains methanol, which alleviates and calms the body by using a cooling mechanism. The anti-oxidant, decongestant and antimicrobial properties of peppermint can fight off infection and soothe your throat.

essential oils for sore throat and drainage

It is also commonly used in a cough, sinus infection, respiratory infection, G.I. problems, morning sickness, and nausea and vomiting. Because of its multifaceted health properties, it is the most common essential oil that is often used for health purposes.


Lemon essential oil originates from the skin of the lemon and is an excellent source of vitamin C to help boost your immune system. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight off infection and to reduce the pain and swelling of a sore throat. It can also increase the salivation process to keep the throat moist and fresh. The significant part about the lemon oil is that it can get rid of toxins by stimulating the lymph drainage to purify and energize your skin.

essential oil for sore throat


The eucalyptus oil can enhance your immune system, improve the respiratory circulation, and provide antioxidant protection. The significant component of the oil is the cineole compound which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain and swelling.


Oregano oil has been known to kill MRSA and other bacteria. Its strong anti-microbial component can also destroy fungus and virus as well. With this herbal oil, you create a strong defense team for your throat.


Clove essential oil is known for stimulating the immune system to kill a variety of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and virus. It also has an anti-inflammatory property to reduce pain and swelling of your throat. As a matter of fact, chewing on a clove bud can help alleviate a toothache and sore throat.


Hyssop was widely used in ancient Greek to help reduce the inflammation of a sore throat, bronchial complaints, chest pain, and pleurisy. Its medical success throughout history has a lot to do with its antiseptic properties to fight off virus and bacteria.

best essential oils for sore throat


The thyme oil is in an excellent component to support the digestive, immune, respiratory, and nervous system. It has been shown to destroy over 120 strains of bacteria in the oral cavity, G.I. tract, and respiratory system. Plus, the Thyme oil has excellent effect against antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA.

Juniper Berry

The juniper berry is often found in many cleaning products and fragrance spray. However, in this present day era, this luscious oil can also be used as a natural remedy against a sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches, respiration infection, and arthritis. It has been shown that juniper berry essential oils have over 87 different compounds that have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties.

What Essential Oil Is Good for a Sore Throat

Because there are so many types of essential oils that can help fight off infections, reduce inflammation, and soothe the throat, it can be tough to choose the right one. Luckily, with all these options, you can be creative and test them one by one. If you are interested in an anti-sore throat steam inhalation system, here is what you can do with these oils.

essential oils for sore throat

You can pick any two essential oils that are listed above. For example, if you choose cloves and juniper berry, you can add three drops of each oil into a large bowl of boiling water. Then drape a towel to cover both your head and the bowl. Then relax and breathe in the fragrance for about five minutes.

If you want to be creative, you can also use three drops of lemon oil, and one drop of eucalyptus oil, and mix it in the water, then swish it back-and-forth in your throat for about 10 seconds and drink the mixture.

How to Use Essential Oils for a Sore Throat and Drainage

There are three ways to use essential oils: inhalation, consumption, and topical use. If you are interested in inhaling the oil, you can add 1 to 2 drops of the oil in your hands, rub them together, and cup your hands over your nose, and take slow deep breathes.

You can also add the oils to a cotton ball and place them inside your pillow for a peaceful night sleep.

essential oils for sore throat

If you want a stronger inhalation system, you can at the oil to boiling water, and put a towel over your head and the bowl, and inhale the steam. If you are interested in consuming the oil, you can add a couple of drops to a glass of warm water, gargle it for a couple of minutes, then swallow.

If you want to apply the oil topically, you can place it on your hair, skin, mouth, nails, teeth, or mucous membrane of your body.

Keep in mind that when the oil touches your body, it can rapidly penetrate through the layers. The best thing to do is to dilute the oil with water or unscented lotion before applying it. That way, the potent property of the essential oil would not be too much for your skin.


What essential oil is good for sore throat?

what essential oil is good for sore throat

Essential oils often come from organic and natural ingredients. That is why they are safe to use for medicinal purposes.

They don’t have the crazy side effects that you would find with regular medications from the doctor or over the counter.

With essential oils, you have plenty of opportunities to be creative. You can mix your favorite oils in different ways, and either apply them topically, consume it, or inhale them. Either way, these oils listed above have powerful anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to help fight off infection, reduce pain, and increase the recovery time of your sore throat.

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During the winter season, the flu virus is at its peak. They can infect anyone, leading to severe symptoms of fatigue, stuffy nose, and sore throat. As a m
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